Messages from our CEO

 The situations surrounding world economics is changing rapidly.

 The center of world economic activity has been shifting from western countries to China, Asia, and other developing countries. Manufacturing industries, on which the Western and Japanese economies had a position of strength for many decades face dynamic challenges from emerging markets and expanding enterprises in the developing countries eager to supplant the west and become the dominant source of goods to the rest of the world.
 Rates of growth in consumption and income in the Western domestic markets of the United States, Europe and Japan have diminished. Areas of accelerating economic growth are in the emerging markets of China, Southeast Asia and India. It is of strategic importance for Western businesses to expand their presence and market share in these developing countries. Now that the established industrial and commercial entities have been losing their position of strength in manufacturing, it is crucial that companies develop economic growth by leveraging the value of their “Intellectual Property” such as brands, technologies and knowledge to the fullest.
 Nevertheless, enterprises in China, Asia, and other developing countries are flagrantly violating the ownership rights of the intellectual property holders. In China, there are tremendous amounts of counterfeit products and pirated products illegally produced using the famous brands of many western and Japanese companies. Western and Japanese enterprises struggle to protect their intellectual properties and rights (IPR). The ability to minimize these violations and vigorously protect their IP allows them to utilize these valuable properties in the execution of a business strategy for growth and profit in this new arena of competition.
 As a lawyer, I worked in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the government of Japan as the first government official responsible for anti-counterfeiting matters. I have extensive experience in confronting the severe situations of intellectual property violations of the western countries and Japan in China, Asia, and other developing countries. I recognize the seriousness and extensive nature of these violations. This is why I established the IP FORWARD Group (IPF).
 IP FORWARD Group has established its offices in the developing countries which are the main perpetrators of violating and stealing intellectual properties, and works to protect the western countries’ intellectual properties by supporting them in developing secure, legal businesses relationships. Considering the difficulty in solving the problems through only the legal process, IP FORWARD Group, organized in cooperative functional staff groups, supports functions among the different locations, nationalities and occupations of the staff, creating teams that answer the needs of each specific client with both consulting, legal and direct intervention support. We provide you with the highest level of support to protect your intellectual properties and to develop your business with practical applications of your intellectual properties within your business practices and partnerships.
 We hope our activities lead to harmonious economic developments between your companies with a wealth of intellectual properties and Asian countries and companies that can develop and manufacture goods desired around the world.
 We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to gain your trust and support in the future.

Yusuke Wakebe